CITES Certificate

CITES stand for the convention on international trade in endangered species and is international agreement between governments. It is necessary to ensure that international trade in endangered species of wild animals like crocodile or python does not threaten their survival.
CITES certificate is essential for successful delivery of the Exotic skin goods, without it the goods (crocodile skin and python skin goods) will be caught at customs or Imported/Exported goods will be returned to the sender.
If you want to trade part of animal species or skins included in CITES appendices or products made from them such as Exotic skin Handbag, walletpurse, shoesbelts, at the time of Export/Import you are required to present the original valid CITES certificate or re-export certificate, issued by CITES management authority of the country of origin.

Bangkok Bootery provide CITES certificate once the product has been purchased by the client within a few moments on the date of purchase. The following documents will be prepared by Bangkok Bootery, buyers just need to submit their name, last name, passport number to our company.

What documents must be presented to apply for CITES certificate!

  • The application form for certificate, clearly indicating the details of purchaser (name, surname, address), the details of vendor, a detailed description of goods, the provenance of skin, the scientific name of the species, the common name, the appendix that this species is listed in.
  • The declaration of tannery enumerating the quantity of skins sold to the manufacturer.
  • The declaration of the manufacturer of the number of skins used in production of the product.
  • Receipt of payment of government tax.

There are 14 required information boxes that must be filled up, as below;

1. Permit Number: number of document and reason of issuing it which is “Export“
2. Date: valid up to date which is mentioned on it. It means the document must be applied for purchased exotic good before the expiration date.
3. Consignee: full name, address, passport number of customer
4. Permittee: name, address, contact information of issuing company, Bangkok Bootery.
5. Purpose: for tourist
6. Management Authority: Thai department of fisheries with contact details.
7. Common name of skin: for example, freshwater crocodile
8. Scientific name of skin: for example, crocodylus siamensis
9. Description: category of purchased good, for example shoes
10. Source: country of origin of skin, for example, Thailand
11. Quantity: number of goods which can apply this document, 1 pair, or 1 piece
12. Permit is issued by: signed and stamped by Thai management authority officer.
13. Export endorsement: type of skin, for example, freshwater crocodile, and quantity, category and number of goods which can apply this document, 1 pair, or 1 piece
14. Bill of lading: signed and stamped by Thai management authority officer.

Please note that procedure of creating CITES license absolutely must be carried out regardless of volume of skin used or the quantity of articles purchased by the client. Even if crocodile or python skin is used in lining of the handbag the procedure must be applied.
Issuing CITES license cost the same for one leather item as for two or more, so we suggest to buy more than one leather item to our clients.

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