How to become Bangkok Bootery business partner  Qualification and investment details
Achievements for investor

Who we are!

  • Our legend
  • Our products
    Above 5000 product selection
  • Our customers
    More than a million customers with 100K-200K USD annual revenue.

Process to become Bangkok Bootery consignee
Qualification of a business partner

  • The local investor must be able to establish a legal entity and register within country.
  • The franchisee must love service and fashion.

Type of stores:
Stand alone

Partner investment details
Contract period 1 year

Investor achievement

Company profile in English and Arabic languages

  1. Shop in shop
  2. Flagship store

To become a partner of Bangkok Bootery contact us via email official@[email protected] or [email protected]  or WhatsApp

Current store locations:

  1. Thailand
  2. United State Of Emirate
    Abu Dhabi
  • Size of the shop at least 40 sqm
  • Products minimum 50,000 USD for products at wholesale price (margin more than 50%)
    Partner investment on construction, set up design, decoration, furniture and all the set up.
  • Use Bangkok Bootery branding and brand book and authority to leverage Bangkok Bootery media.
  • Bangkok Bootery will invest in marketing directly or indirectly to the amount of approximately 10% of initial investment.
  • Provide by-product shopping bags, boxes, display support.
  • No franchise fee, no royalty fee
  • The right to buy products at wholesale price.


  • Bangkok Bootery require to approve store perspective and all personal consultant/ sale consult must be approved by Bangkok Bootery.

Bangkok Bootery Partner