Over 80 years in this business, the first shop was opened since 1937 in Bangkok.

Yes. We currently have more than 26 shops across Thailand; Bangkok, Samui, Phuket and Hua-Hin and 2 Shops in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Yes, please visit BangkokBootery.com for more information
,or Facebook/IG @BangkokBootery, or WhatsApp +66813336645, or Line @BangkokBootery
Please fill up the contact us form to send you the catalog.

The exotic skins are not prohibited, all are legal. Exotic skins and finished products are provided from farm in Thailand.
We have international certificate called “Cites” so that we can commercialize and sell skins. cost of the document is 500 Baht (if purchase more than 5,000 THB no additional charge for Cities)
Cites stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. It is Authorize by CITES Management Authority of Thailand.

Yes, every product we provide “Warranty card” which valid 3 years for skin and 2 years for equipment (only for our purchased products). If there is any additional cost our team will notify the additional cost case by case.

Yes, we currently export to America, Europe and Middle East markets.

It locates in Bangkok Areas Near Riverside. If customer would like to visit the factory, you must ask customer to leave customer contact, and let Supervisor know immediately

Yes, we can. Please kindly contact the website and email. [email protected] or call number 081-333-6645, you must ask customer to leave customer contact, and let Supervisor know immediately

Yes, we can deliver to your hotels without any further charges if it is in Bangkok. You must see what is the size of customer purchase to make decision to provide free delivery (should not be less than 10000 Baht)

Yes, we do sell Raw hide and skins. Price depends on the size and the skin. you must ask customer to leave customer contact, and let Supervisor know immediately or let customer contact 081-333-6645

Yes, we have sizes. Let them try the one on the display first, if not the right size, check the stock but must tell customer that we are checking, it will take 1-2 minutes.

But if we don’t have (you must ask 1st – how many days are you staying, 2nd where do you stay), we can customize you a new pair within 2-3 days. Belt 2-3 day. Bags and other accessories 4-7 days. Please contact Supervisors before confirming orders.


Yes, we can since we have our own factory. (Please write all the specification into the form – model, size, leather, inner, color (inside & out), stitching, etc). If it is the shoes, then must let customer try in the shoes on the display and write this specification with the customers’ specification.


Almost anything customer can choose; including Color of Skins and Hide, Sole, Lining, Upper part, Raw Materials. Only the อะไหล่ which cannot be find exactly the same

Yes, we can. However, overall will approximately be 90% similar. 10% difference mostly in the block and raw material parts of which have different sources.

Our craftmenship and Raw Material use is different. We throughly hand made and quality check in every part of the products. The Skins we use, are from the best sources which use best chemical to tan the product

We also offer warranty on the products. Also our brand is well known in Thailand, used by many celebrities including Top actor and actress, Miss Universe 2016 2017 , Ambassadors, Business Owners. (pls show our FB / IG to customer)

We can provide leather and color per Catalog. (Must show Catalog to customers) – if applicable

Yes. We also sell in lots. Customer can order. (Refer to Number 10)

Yes, we can. But I have to check with the factory on the cost and will get back to you. (Let customer fill in the customer contact form)

Answer “Yes”, it can. All of our products are from farm which is guaranteed by Thailand Government and International trade agreement.


You bring the measurement then measure them so customer can see how details we are

Yes, it is 100% genuine. All the skins and hides are sources from local farm which is authorized by the official government, we only use top quality from the best part of the skin.


Bangkok Bootery has been in the market for more than 80 years. I are experienced in craftmanship and we have our own factory, retail, and we also export. We are well known in Thailand as our products are used by Well known celebrities. Our product is made of highest quality both raw material that guarantee years of products. Our workers are experienece with more than 20-30 years of trainings professionally.

Yes, please ask customer what customer they like, and please check with supervisor or in the line group, if customer doesn’t want to wait, please ask customer to leave contact

Yes, we give discount. If customer would like on top discount please do contact your supervisors.


No, it is not but we cannot discount. And the customer will have your own design, block and specification for your life time. We will keep in our database and you can order them online.


Yes, however we need to charge for the freight cost (actual from the Post office), after we check, we will let you know.
If the customer do not pay all now – refer to paying 50% deposit, then we will send the Finish good pictures once it is finish, however we cannot deliver until the payment is transfer

The account of transfer is:
2 Types of payment

Western Union with MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)-An easiest and fastest way for **Thai baht only**
Account details:

First name: Jiratot
Last name: Tiranut

Address: 288 Soi KrungthonBuri 4, Banglumpoolang, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600 THAILAND Tel: +6681-333-6645

When payment succeeds, please inform us the bill with MTCN number, amount and name of sender included.

Bank Transfer **only Thai baht**

Account details

Account Number(IBAN or FI) : 032-231-6544
Account name: Jiratot Tiranut

Bank: Kasikorn Bank
Branch: Samre

Swift Code: KASITHBK

Address; 363 Somdet Phrachao Taksin road, Samre, Thailand postcode 10600
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Yes, it depends on the modle upon company’s policy period on promotion. It depends on the season and products; if the request product is over 2-3 years, please ask supervisor for further discount

Of course, however the price we are giving you is exceptional and we have only few pieces of each. In order to avoid wasting time for you to come back, you can have them tonight. Lastly, must ask customer for contact info

Thank you for your feedback. Let us understand it more. (Ask many questions about how it broken and how it did happen). And say, we are apologize for this happening, we can ensure you that we have case like this very very few. Let us explore how to fix it for you. Ask customer to leave the product and ask for the customer detail. The cost of the repair will be checked and feedback to him or her before we start the job.


Thank you for your feedback. Let us undestand it more. (Ask many questions about how it did happen; did we received the order wrongly, or we didn’t get clear on what customer want, or did customer did not explain it well). And say, we are apologize for this happening, we would like to have him or her as our customer; we are willing to remake the new one (must be in the case that we are wrong). Do not refund. If customer ask why we cannot refund, then explain that we do not have that accounting policy, let us serve him or her the new product.

Thank your for your feedback. Ask how old this product is, whend did he or she bought it, how did she or he used it. Then say, we apologize for this happening, as you know we use genuine raw material that is from the highest quality. The color fading is in natural of a real skin or hide product. We can offer helps to repair by saying let us check if anything we can do. Ask customer to leave the product and ask for customer contact.

(Do not let this happen, please inform customer in advance the time of apppointment if we are missing deadline – DONOT let customer come and we are not yet ready). If this happen, please say apologize, we have made a mistake internally. We will ensure that you will have your product by xxx AM/PM. Or if customer doesnt feel to come back to the shop, please ask for customer contact and we will deliver to customer’s home or hotel (Must be a product over 5000 Baht of value)

Thank you for your feedback. We can ensure that our product is value for money. We use highest quality of raw material (show customer the skins and the pattern of the product). We also have more than 100,000 of customer a year both Thai and Foreigners.

Please provide your supervisor contact immediately.

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