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To custom make luxury bags from exotic leather materials such as genuine crocodile, python, ostrich, cobra and sea snake skins and to create something that is truly one-of-a-kind to impress your family and friends and adds personality, contact Bangkok Bootery online team.

Exotic leathers not only are different from traditional cowhide leather visually, but also they each have special properties that need to be taken into consideration when creating bags from these beautiful materials.

It is important that you buy genuine crocodile shoes from established. respected Stuckists who custom-make their shoes employing the highest quality craftsmanship. This is where Bangkok Bootery’s highly skilled and experienced craftsmanship and designers can surprise you with the nicest results.

Bangkok Bootery is manufacturer and exporter of exotic skin bags since 1937. We supply custom made handbags, clutch bags, and sling bags on retail and wholesale basis for men and women. Moreover, shoes, sandal, boot, purse, cardholder, keychain, make-up box, and many more fashion items in a matte and shiny colors.

Email, WhatsApp us or Browse the Bangkok Bootery online stores or go into one of our 25 Bangkok Bootery stores in Thailand kingdom, you will see that we stock a great selection of luxury bespoke exotic leather shoes for men and for women.