Real Python Skin Handbag

The python snake is native to our home land, Thailand, and to other countries in Southeast Asia. Python skin comes from pythons that are both farm-raised and captured in the wild. Python skin is a great material to use for large fashion accessories such as a real python skin handbags.

Real Python Skin Handbag


Here are some other facts about real python skin:


There are three different species of python that are frequently used for creating exotic leather products. They are:


  • The Short Tail Python.

The Short Tail Python, or Brongersmai, is found mainly in western Malaysia, Sumatra, and several islands in the Strait of Malacca, preferring marsh-like tropical swamp environments. It is smaller than the other python species, but the center belly scales of are relatively wide, making it very suitable for an exotic leather piece.


  • The Burmese Python.

The Burmese python, also known as Bivittatus, is natively found in Southeast Asia and is one of the largest snake species in the world. Because the hide only tapers slightly, the yield for these skins tends to be high for their width. Combined with the high demand, this means that you can typically expect to pay a little more for real python skin handbags created from Burmese python hides.


  • The Diamond Python.

The Diamond Python, also called Reticulatus, derives its name from the regular, diamond-like color patterns common to this species of snake. The Diamond Python has wide center scales, making them stand out for exotic leather goods. The cost tends to be a little less than that of an equivalent skin from other species of pythons.


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Real Python Skin Handbag

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