Crocodile Skin Belt


Why is a crocodile skin belt more expensive than, say, an ordinary leather, cowhide belt?

Firstly, genuine crocodile skin itself is scarce for a number of reasons. Crocodiles take a long time to reach maturity when compared to cows, have an expensive meat based diet, and have a tendency to damage their own leather, making it unsuitable for use.

Crocodile Skin Belt


Moreover, supply of crocodilian skins is highly controlled by global environmental agencies such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Secondly, crocodile skin is more difficult to work with than calf. Most genuine crocodile leather belts are made from a series of cuts across the belly. Since these cuts are not long enough to make a belt, they have to be matched for color and scale pattern and spliced together.

However, the primary reason that crocodile skin is expensive is that it is a beautiful leather that is impervious to scuffing and resistant to cracking. So, it is considered the premium and most desirable of exotic skins, in high demand around the world.

Check out our exotic belt gallery and you will see that we stock a very wide range of styles and colors of shiny crocodile leather belt . Since each crocodile skin has its own individual scale pattern your crocodile belt will be truly unique. And, whilst being soft and supple, crocodile skin is exceptionally tough, so your belt will last for a lifetime.

Living outside of Thailand or up country? Or simply have no time to go shopping? No problem! Just go to the Bangkok Bootery online shop and choose which color and style of crocodile belt best coordinates with your wardrobe. Maybe select several to complement your different outfits or to match your pairs of shoes. Delivery of stock items can be made worldwide within 5 working days; or, if you would prefer a custom-made crocodile skin belt, we can handcraft and deliver it to you to arrive within 21 business days. A little longer if you require our Warranty and a CITES certificate.

Please contact our knowledgeable staff at Bangkok Bootery if you would like more information about buying a genuine crocodile skin belt. Give us a call today on tel./WhatsApp:+6681-333-6645, email us, bangkokbooteryteam or drop into one of our stores.


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