Python Skin Shoes

The ultra-soft texture and individual markings of python skin make it ideal for the creation of handmade, luxury python skin shoes – elegant looking with a touch of class.

Python Skin Shoes


Python skin comes in a diverse array of styles and in striking colors, is pliable, light in weight, and has smooth scaling. No two snakes have the same pattern so your genuine python leather shoes have unique scales, patterns, and texture, and its exclusive appearance is instantly recognizable.


Python leather shoes can be made with both a matte and glazed finish. Glazed styles have a distinct shine and feel very smooth to the touch. Matte hides do not have the same shine and are softer to the touch. Because of their softness and pliability, python skins with a glazed finish are the perfect material for fashionable shoes that look and feel great.


Natural python hides are available in an extensive range of gorgeous color options which makes it a great leather to use for hand-made shoes that will match your wardrobe and will always maintain their luxury appeal. Shoes made of genuine python skin from Bangkok Bootery are unique, luxurious, highly exclusive, and long-lasting.


Bangkok Bootery has been manufacturing leather goods since 1937. We use only the highest standard of leather and our products are made with genuine exotic skins, fashioned by our highly skilled craftsmen.


You can see our wide range of python skin shoes for men and python skin shoes for women in the Bangkok Bootery Gallery:


  • Dress shoes (high and low heels) for those special occasions and events.
  • Casual shoes and loafers with a different look, for easy walking.
  • Moccasins and sandals for holiday and leisure wear.
  • Boots: many different types of boots such as ankle boots, cowboy boots, and dress boots.
  • Ballerina shoes that will stand out on the dance floor.
  • Golf shoes with a timeless look.


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