Get A Luxurious Look With A Crocodile Jacket

A genuine crocodile leather jacket from Bangkok Bootery is timelessly fashionable. It can be worn with anything, almost every day.

As a material for the making of jackets, crocodile skin is near-perfect – supple and soft, yet exceptionally tough. As each hide has its own unique scale pattern, every crocodile skin design will be unique. Top-quality genuine crocodile leather is considered to be the most beautiful exotic skin for luxury jackets and is therefore the most expensive. They carry a mark of prestige with that luxurious look, and always remain in style.

Bangkok Bootery stocks genuine crocodile skin jackets, each custom-made by our highly-skilled craftsmen, in two type of colors, shiny and matte:

Get A Luxurious Look With A Crocodile Jacket


Crocodile Shiny Skin Jacket. The shiny skin crocodile jackets are particularly glossy, an effect achieved by extensively buffing the skin.

Crocodile Matte Skin Jacket. The matte skin crocodile jackets feel softer, less stiff, and are more durable when worn often.

Bangkok Bootery’s master tailors can custom-make anything you want, whether it be a genuine crocodile jacket, crocodile vest, or crocodile suit. Browse our gallery to find which jacket type best suits your lifestyle.

Delivery of stock items can be made worldwide within 5 working days; or, if you would prefer a custom-made crocodile skin jacket, we can handcraft and deliver it to you to arrive within 12 business days. You can be assured that your crocodile jacket from Bangkok Bootery is genuine.

Please contact our knowledgeable staff at Bangkok Bootery if you would like more information about our exotic crocodile skins for jackets, or if you need us to help you select the best style and color for your genuine crocodile leather jacket. Otherwise, give us a call today on +6681-333-6645 (Whats App).

Get a luxurious look with a crocodile jacket from Bangkok Bootery today!