Python Skin Clutch Bags


Almost all of the ladies that visit our 25 Bangkok Bootery stores in Thailand just love our python skin clutch bags. And, so do we!

How does it come about that both buyer and seller have similar feelings?

Python Skin Clutch Bags


From the Bangkok Bootery side, firstly, our highly skilled craftsmen find that exotic skin easier to work with when hand-making python skin clutch bags. This is because pythons come in many sizes. On the small end, pythons can be 1.5 meters long and 25 cm wide. At the larger end, some pythons can grow to be 6.5 meters long and 60 cm or more in width. So their skin is ideal for creating a python skin clutch handbag from one single panel of skin.


Secondly, when making a python skin clutch bag, or indeed any other exotic skin product that is made from a single panel, when flaws cannot be easily hidden, you need a hide that has little or no defects such as scuffs, scars, or holes. Such defects can ruin the appearance of the final product.


Since python hides are collected mainly from farms, it is much easier to find Grade I skins that are free of flaws. Our farmers protect python skins from being harmed by eliminating the potential for contact with predators and other forms of accidental damage.


From our customers’ point of view, if they choose python skin for their clutch bag, they have the benefit of having a truly unique, one-of-a-kind pattern. The natural markings of the python are highly distinctive and authentic.


Python skin hide is very flexible. This makes python skin leather ideal for products like clutch bags because the skin is less likely to develop crease marks when the bag is bent as their owners dig around in them. Or, when they are holding the bag in their hands as they walk about, which is the case with clutch bags.


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