Genuine Python Skin Handbag

Here are 6 ways to check that the handbag you are buying is a genuine python skin handbag, not a fake.


Genuine Python Skin Handbag

  1. Label Says “Genuine Leather”

The famous snakeskin pattern can be artificially embossed onto a much cheaper base leather, like calfskin or cowhide. If the description of the bag contains the word “Like” or is written “Handbag in Python/Snakeskin – Genuine Leather” rather than, as we write it, Bangkok Bootery: “Genuine Python Skin Handbag”, then it’s probably imitation.


Genuine Python Skin Handbag

  1. Texture

The embossing process for a fake python skin is a two-dimensional heat-pressing process, which can only extrude patterns either upwards or downwards.

Authentic snakeskin leather, on the other hand – one of the most richly textured leathers in the world – is distinctly three-dimensional. It is impossible for embossing to create this effect. Once you know this you can easily identify the difference visually, which is very important when buying online.


  1. Cut

There are two ways that genuine snakeskin can be cut. One is the “belly-cut”, which places the largest line of scales in the centre of the product with the remaining scales gradually decreasing in size from the core. The other is the “side-cut”, which focuses exclusively on the smaller scales to either side of the central belly-cut.


Any alternative to these two variations means that you are likely looking at a poor attempt at imitation. This is especially the case if the cut of the leather shows scales that never change in size.

Genuine Python Skin Handbag

  1. Dimensions

The largest genuine snakeskin hides have a width of from only 28cm to an absolute maximum of 60cm. So, if you’re looking at a particularly large supposedly python skin handbag, that has dimensions bigger than that, then you should ask questions about its authenticity.

Genuine Python Skin Handbag

  1. Price

Genuine python skin is expensive. If the bag you are buying is at a “bargain” price, it is likely to be made from an embossed inferior hide.


  1. Buy From A Reputable Supplier

The safest way to ensure that your python skin handbag is not fake is to buy from a reputable supplier such as Bangkok Bootery. Even if you make your purchase online from us, you can be assured that, for over 80 years, we have sourced only genuine python skins.


If you would like more information about our genuine python skin luxury handbags, give us a call today on tel./WhatsApp:+6681-333-6645, email us, drop into one of our Bangkok Bootery stores, or just go to the Bangkok Bootery online shop.

Genuine Python Skin Handbag