Crocodile Skin Jacket For Men

Wearing a leather jacket is not just for 50’s screen icons and hairy Hell’s Angels bikers. Read our tips here on selecting from Bangkok Bootery’s extensive range of crocodile skin jackets for men, and how to dress in a crocodile skin jacket and look great.

Crocodile Skin Jacket For Men



1.       Choose The Style To Suit You

Buy the right crocodile skin jacket and it will last you a lifetime, and get better with every wear. Therefore, it is important to choose carefully. Here are some different styles for you to consider:

  • Formal Jacket!
  • Biker: The style immortalized by Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones”, with a flared collar and large lapels. This is probably the most casual style and so best worn with jeans. Don’t go overboard with buckles, zips and other hardware!
  • Bomber: This is probably the most popular style of leather jacket with a simple collar, zipped front and pocket, plus elasticated cuffs and bottom. Smarter than a biker, this is probably the safest all-round choice for most men.
  • Racer: This minimal style has a small snap or no collar at all and the bottom and cuffs are plain rather than elasticated. It is perhaps the most elegant style – looks good in either black, brown or, indeed, other colours.
  • Fatigue: Longer than other leather jackets this style is very relaxed and can be buttoned or zipped. The perfect crocodile skin jacket for wearing outdoors, in the country walking the dog.


2.       Know Your Right Fit

Whichever style you decide on, the correct fit for your crocodile skin jacket is vital. Racers and Bombers look best on a slim shape, while Bikers and Fatigues can suit an oversized fit. You should be able to fit at least a sweatshirt underneath as a layer, but avoid anything that drops below your belt line.


3.       Which Color?

Check out our gallery and you will see that we stock a wide range of colors in our crocodile skin jackets for men. Be careful with brown. Dark brown looks great whereas a light colored brown crocodile skin jacket can turn heads for the wrong reasons! If in doubt, stick to black.


4.       Ensure Your Jacket Is Genuine Crocodile Skin

Bangkok Bootery can provide a Warranty and a CITES certificate for your new crocodile skin jacket for men. Just let us have your full contact details and passport number, and allow one or two more days for delivery.


Please contact our knowledgeable staff at Bangkok Bootery if you would like more information about our genuine crocodile skin jackets for men. Give us a call today on tel./WhatsApp:+6681-333-6645, email us, or drop into one of our stores, particularly our Bangkok Bootery Men’s Collection in Emporium Bangkok (2nd Floor).

Crocodile Skin Jacket For Men