Crocodile Skin Belt For Women


Leaf through any high fashion magazine for ladies and you will see that one of the hottest style accessories today, worn by celebrities and stars, is the crocodile skin belt for women.

Crocodile Skin Belt For Women


Why is that? Here is what we at Bangkok Bootery think from our over 80 years’ experience in the exotic skin business:

  1. The “Retro” Look

The retro look is always in vogue. If you love the look of the ‘50s – poodle skirts, blouses and polka dots dresses – then an exotic skin belt is a must-have! Or if, instead, you feel more like a “flower child” from the ‘70s, wear a crocodile skin belt with bell bottomed pants and other wild accessories, such as ethnic rings.


  1. Make A Casual Outfit Appear Special

Have a casual jacket, a cozy cardigan, a baggy sweater, or an oversized favorite tee shirt? Wear it with skin-tight jeans, killer crocodile skin boots, and a matching crocodile skin belt drawn in at the waist. Choose a fancy belt, with rhinestones and precious stones, brighten up your overall outfit, and look sensational!


  1. Make An Elegant Outfit Look Casual

A simple trick, to allow you to wear that expensive dress in your wardrobe more often and to make your look edgier, is to wear a chunky black crocodile skin belt on your waist, with a statement buckle. The belt, matched with some boots and a leather jacket, will tone down the exclusivity of the look.


  1. Shorten Your Dress

If you are of small stature, and do not want to wear super high heels, wear a crocodile skin belt to raise the hemline a few centimeters so that the dress does not touch the ground. By doing so, it will also help to define your waist.


  1. Save Money

Since your high-quality genuine crocodile skin belt is so durable, it can change every outfit year after year. For last minute meetings and dinners, having a rolled-up crocodile skin belt in your bag is a great standby to instantly change your outfit’s appearance.

Crocodile Skin Belt For Women


Please contact our knowledgeable staff at Bangkok Bootery if you would like more information about buying a genuine crocodile skin belt. Give us a call today on tel./WhatsApp:+6681-333-6645, email us, or drop into one of our stores.

Crocodile Skin Belt For Women