All About Crocodile Bags From Bangkok Bootery

Many people consider top-quality genuine crocodile leather to be the most beautiful exotic skin for fashion bags as they always remain in style. As a material for the making of bags, crocodile skin is near-perfect – supple, yet exceptionally tough with each hide having its own unique scale pattern.

Crocodile skin is one of the finest and best of exotic skins, being soft and durable. But only the skin on the belly has these qualities; the back skin is covered in bones (called osteoderms). Moreover, today many of the 23 species of crocodiles are threatened by intensive illegal poaching. For these reasons crocodile skin is rare and therefore expensive.

Bangkok Bootery sells two types of genuine crocodile bag, each fashioned by our highly skilled craftsmen:

Crocodile Belly Skin Bag. The belly skin is the term given to the entire underside of the crocodile’s belly, tail and chin. Smooth and flat, this is the most valuable piece of skin and is used for designer crocodile bags.


Crocodile Hornback Skin Bag. The hornback is the piece of crocodile skin running down the spine of the animal from immediately behind the head to its tail, and includes four rows of raised osteoderms giving a very different look and feel.

All About Crocodile Bags From Bangkok Bootery All About Crocodile Bags From Bangkok Bootery


Bangkok Bootery sells both crocodile bags on a wholesale (for re-sellers) and also retail basis. Browse our gallery to find which bag type best suits your lifestyle.

Please contact our knowledgeable staff at Bangkok Bootery if you would like more information about our crocodile exotic skins for bags, or if you need us to help you select the best style and color for your genuine crocodile leather bag. Otherwise, either drop into one of our fifteen stores in Thailand, or give us a call today on +6681-333-6645 (Whats App).

All About Crocodile Bags From Bangkok Bootery

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