5 Ways To Ensure Your Crocodile Bag Is Not Fake

Quite often we here at Bangkok Bootery are asked: “How do I know my crocodile skin handbag is really made of genuine crocodile skin?”

5 Ways To Ensure Your Crocodile Bag Is Not Fake

Here are some tips for you:


  1. Price

For a genuine crocodile skin bag, only the skin on the belly is used. The tanning process is long, at least four years, guaranteeing a prestigious and quality appearance to the final product. Because of this and its delicate physical nature, crocodile skin is rare and expensive, especially since many species of crocodiles are threatened by illegal poaching. So, if the bag you are buying is at a “bargain” price, it is likely to be made from embossed cowhide.


  1. Description

If the description of the bag contains the word “Like” or is written “Crocodile Genuine Leather” rather than, as we write it, Bangkok Bootery: “Genuine Crocodile Skin”, it’s probably imitation.


  1. Inspection

You should inspect the scales with a magnifying glass and, if necessary, cut the inner lining of the bag to view the underside of the leather. Crocodile scales possess small dimple-like holes and are usually not flat. Rather, they slope slightly and there are ridges between them. Natural crocodile scales have the same pattern on both sides and grow on top of each other forming a lift-able edge. Whereas embossed cowhide will have a rough interior surface which will not lift and the pattern may be different on each side.


  1. Testing

Spray the leather surface with water and allow the bag to sit undisturbed for 3 to 5 minutes. Then, smell the surface: genuine crocodile leather will release a fishy, swampy smell.


  1. Buy From A Reputable Supplier

You can see from the above that there is a difference between a genuine crocodile skin bag and a stamped leather product and it is noticeable on close inspection, but not at first sight. The safest way to ensure that your crocodile bag is not fake is to buy from a reputable supplier such as from one of our Bangkok Bootery stores. Even if you make your purchase online from the Bangkok Bootery website, you can be assured that, for over 80 years, we have sourced only genuine, CITES-certified crocodile skins.

5 Ways To Ensure Your Crocodile Bag Is Not Fake


Please contact our knowledgeable staff at Bangkok Bootery if you would like more information about our genuine crocodile skin luxury bags. Give us a call today on +6681-333-6645 (WhatsApp).

5 Ways To Ensure Your Crocodile Bag Is Not Fake