Shiny Red Crocodile Handbag GOLDMAS

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Shiny Red Crocodile Handbag GOLDMAS

Genuine crocodile belly skin handbag GOLDMAS in shiny red with gold button closure and long crocodile leather strap, carry with top handle or included removable long leather strap.

L:25  H:17  D:10  (in cm)

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As the saying goes, if shoes “maketh the man”, bags maketh the modern woman!  And, for today’s busy ladies a handbag or a strapless purse held in the hand – is a must have. It is ideal for carrying money and your small personal items or accessories.

As a material for the making of bags, crocodile skin is near-perfect – supple and soft, yet exceptionally tough. Each crocodile skin has its own individual unique scale pattern ensuring that every bag produced is one of a kind. It is the most expensive material choice for making luxury handbags as only the skin on the belly is used.

Bangkok Bootery’s highly-skilled craftsmen use the crocodile belly skin, which is soft, flexible and has a beautiful unique texture, to hand craft luxury, outstanding bags, available in two types of finish, shiny and matte. The genuine crocodile skin handbag made in Thailand comes in a variety of colors too – red, green, mustard, brown and black.

Shiny Red Crocodile Handbag GOLDMAS


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