Python Skin kitten Heel Dress Shoe

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Python Skin kitten Heel Dress Shoe

A genuine python skin kitten heel ankle-wrap dress shoes for women made by high skilled craftsmen.

Bangkok Bootery uses genuine python skin for its fashionable women’s shoes.
To order contact us

  1. Review our wide range of shoes in or send us your favorite style by Email.
  2. Select which style(s) best suit your lifestyle. You can consider a dress shoes, ankle wrap dress shoes …
  3. Opt for a finish (gloss or matte) for your shoes.
  4. Decide what type of ornaments, buckle, and other configurations you prefer.
  5. Pick your favorite skin color, for example red, green, brown, white or black.
  6. Choose from the wide variety of sizes available.
  7. Measure your feet size with the help of the links in below, and Email us measurements with your footprint on a paper.  How to measure your foot size at home
  8. Let us know what’s your feet size in Euro unit size, and your feet is slim, or wide.
  9. What fitting do you prefer! Loose, fit or tight?
  10. Contact us and let us know exactly how you would like to customize your shoes.

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Python Skin kitten Heel Dress Shoe


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