Crocodile Skin Strap

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                                                      Crocodile Skin Strap

Crocodile skin strap in blue made with genuine crocodile belly skin which is available in shiny and matte finishes.
Check out either our gallery exotic skin strap or contact us to see that we stock a very wide range of styles and colors of exotic skin strap for bags– black, brown, green, blue, red, or grey. Since each crocodile skin has its own individual scale pattern your crocodile strap will be truly unique. And, whilst being soft and supple, crocodile skin is exceptionally tough, so your strap will last for a lifetime.

You also can choose strap colors, click on this link to see a variety of skin colors available; Color Chart

Order online and receive it at your door step fast and easy, To order contact us

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Crocodile Skin Strap


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