crocodile skin dress for women

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crocodile skin dress for women

Khun elenagalitsyna actresses in Russia, You look stunning with @Bangkokbootery’s crocodile skin dress for women. Black crocodile belly skin formal women’s long dress from Bangkok Bootery.

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– Choose The Style To Suit You.

  • Formal Jacket!
  • Biker: The style immortalized by Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones”, with a flared collar and large lapels. This is probably the most casual style and so best worn with jeans. Don’t go overboard with buckles, zips and other hardware!
  • Bomber: This is probably the most popular style of leather jacket with a simple collar, zipped front and pocket, plus elasticated cuffs and bottom. Smarter than a biker, this is probably the safest all-round choice for most men.
  • Racer: This minimal style has a small snap or no collar at all and the bottom and cuffs are plain rather than elasticated. It is perhaps the most elegant style – looks good in either black, brown or, indeed, other colours.
  • Fatigue: Longer than other leather jackets this style is very relaxed and can be buttoned or zipped. The perfect crocodile skin jacket for wearing outdoors, in the country walking the dog.

– Know Your Right Fit.
Whichever style you decide on, the correct fit for your crocodile skin jacket is vital. Racers and Bombers look best on a slim shape, while Bikers and Fatigues can suit an over sized fit.

– Which Skin Color?
Go to this helpful link, color chart, to choose your favorite skin color and customize a luxury leather jacket;

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crocodile skin dress for women


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