Crocodile Skin Products From Bangkok Bootery

Art Of Craftsmanship

Thailand has the largest crocodile farming industry in the world and the native ‘Siamensis’ or Siamese crocodile has a supple feel and beautiful tiling, similar in character to the American alligator, Niloticus from south america and saltwater crocodile porosus from Southeast Asia. That is why crocodile skin is a good material choice for making luxury handbags and why Bangkok Bootery source their genuine, CITES-certified crocodile skins mainly from the Kingdom.Read More

If you would like more information about our ready-made genuine exotic leather fashion bags, and our new collection and accessories give us a call today on tel./WhatsApp: +66-813336645, email us [email protected] ,  drop into one of our Bangkok Bootery stores, or just go to the Bangkok Bootery Website, and place your online order over there.




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